Session Fee: $49 for 30 mins session or $89 for 60 mins session   *** (Please prepare hair & make up before coming for the session)

Boudoir Session Preparation Tips:

How to prepare for your shoot?

Night before:

-drink plenty of water

-have a good nights sleep (true beauty rest)

-Make sure finger nails and toe nails are in good shape (no chipped nail polish)


Day of shoot:

-Shave legs, armpits and bikini line (quick tip- wipe rubbing alcohol after shave to avoid razor burn)

-make sure your face and body are well moisturized

-if your not getting your hair and makeup done by us make sure to put a little extra on. (makeup for the camera is different then makeup for everyday. Rule of thumb is makeup will photograph 2 shades lighter)


Makeup tips:

Use matte colors- Matte makeup won’t reflect light, making it easy to apply and easy to shoot. If you do have colors that have shimmer in them that you want to use bring it along and we can give it a try.

Fill in your eyebrows- Even if you don’t do it on a daily basis, your eyes and face will look more complete if your eyebrows are polished. (especially for blondes, very blonde eyebrows will disappear in a photo)

Use powder- to reduce shine and to set your makeup. (bring with you as we may use it during the shoot)

Use false lashes-  they make a huge difference almost all our clients use them. Even if they seem to long in photo they look proportionate. If you want something more natural there are individual lashes that you can put at the corner of your eyes.

Apply your makeup in natural light (if you can)- this will give you the best idea of what your makeup will look like and how it will look in photos.

Wear lip gloss- By wearing lip gloss it really helps your lips look fuller (if you have more then one color of lip gloss or lip stick bring it along and we can switch up what your wearing)

Wear black mascara- Wearing black mascara will bring out your eyes a lot more then a brown would.


Hair tips

Big hair- Is great for boudoir styled images

Curly or Straight- is up to you, having curls or some wave in your hair will give it more movement but straight is very sexy as well.

Hairspray- use as little as possible if any at all. We want to be able to play with your hair, if you use to much hair spray hair there will be little movement too it.

Hair accessories- pony tails or clips are great to change your hair style quickly.


**if you are getting your makeup done by us please come with a clean and  moisturized face and your hair clean and blow dried**

What to bring?

(the more you bring the more options we have even if we don’t use all of it)

-at a minimum bring a great bra and panty set. (it can be mismatched)

-lingerie- corsets, Teddy’s, garter belts, stockings, high waisted underwear, boy shorts, slips, body suite, push up bras, etc.

-accessories- jewellery, hats, scarves, shoes, hair pieces, fishnet stockings or hosiery, etc.

-clothing- dresses, jackets, jeans, button down tops, short shorts, pajamas,

t-shirts, tanks, skirts, etc.

-a great pair of heels go a long way-bring as many as you like.

-anything clothing you feel sexy or really great in. (anything can be sexy)

-you can bring any type of props : past clients have brought in work tools, partners clothing, instruments, sports equipment. Bring in anything that is special to you (unless they are to large. example motorcycle)

-Your confidence- its the mot important thing to have during your shoot, our studio is place where you can love yourself and I do ask you to. Our studio is a non-judgmental and safe place for you to have your boudoir session.

Much love!

P.S. It’s always fun to plan to do something after your shoot, your going to feel great and look great why not go for dinner or a couple of drinks with someone special.