Sitting Fee: $75 for child (4y – 12y)

For children’s photography, it helps if you prepare them for the session; explaining what’s going to happen and involving them in discussion of ideas for games or props, that we can use. Photo shoots are really fun and it’s great if the fun can start before you arrive. During the session it’s best to be relaxed about your child’s behavior, to ensure they remain engaged.

It’s also worth thinking about clothing and props to be used during the photography session. Some tips to consider:

  • Clothing is really a matter of personal choice, although for family or group portraits a relatively uniform or toning color scheme works best
  • For children bright, vibrant clothes can work really well – they have great photographic impact, particularly for high contrast studio shots
  • Heavily patterned clothing with strong images, characters or logos can be problematic as it can draw focus away from faces in the final image
  • Jazzy hats, scarves, winter coats with fluffy hoods, blankets, favorite toys, or dressing-up clothes can make striking contrasting accessories
  • If you play an instrument or have a favorite sport or pastime, related props can help personalize the image and create a lasting memory
  • Finally, family pets are welcome additions to photography sessions (out door only) and so a quick groom may even be in order!