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Session Fee: $89 + gst

Up to 6 people, $10/extra person. Valid in Studio or in Prince’s Island Park


Tips for photo session preparation:

Photography is this wonderful thing that allows people to express themselves. There are people out there who love to get their picture taken and others who shy away from the camera but everyone can look good on film. What’s important is to relax, have fun and come prepared.

A few tips for your photography session….Below you will find a brief outline of how to prepare yourself for your session


Everyone wants to look their best for the camera and make-up is all a part of the process. You are welcome to do your own makeup, in fact we prefer it. We encourage that you only wear the normal makeup that you would wear, so that the images we create are representative of the way you would normally look and feel.

Hair styling

It’s a good idea to have your hair cut and groomed before a photo shoot. If you normally have a perm or tint, it is a good idea to do this prior to your shoot. You can try different looks with your hair, for example, if you have long hair you may wish to have it up or down during the shoot, but this should be done in the most natural way. It is a good idea to bring a hair brush so that you can touch up any hair if necessary prior to the shoot.


A few photography tips with wardrobe…Make sure your garments are neatly ironed and clean. Avoid logos and advertising, unless there is a strong personal significance. Try a few combinations before hand to see what works best for you.

We recommend one or two different looks. You might go for something very casual to start with, maybe jeans and a T-Shirt. Followed by a dressier outfit that you might wear out on a Saturday Night. You might also want a look that is very formal.

Group Shots

It’s important that for large groups everyone wears similar colors and tones, so that everyone blends in the photos and no particular person stands out excessively.


  1. One color only , all white or all black
  2. Shirts in different shades of the same color
  3. Matching outfits for children
  4. Jeans for everyone plus light matching tops


Unless Jewelry is co-coordinated and adds to the shoot, we recommends that Jewelry be removed to enable us to capture you in the most natural and most uncomplicated way we can. We want to draw the focus to you and your personality, not necessarily any of the accessories. Jewelry tends to create reflections and unnecessarily draws attention away from you.

Finally, get plenty of sleep before the shoot. Just relax and be yourself, we will do the rest for you

Child Photography

We capture the personality and nature of your child. Select clothing that really express your childs personality. Combining your child’s interests such as football/soccer/ballet/swimming etc. is a good idea that adds something about your child’s uniqueness.

When booking your photo session choose a time of day that best suits your child’s mood and carefully consider their sleeping and eating patterns.

We do recommend that you pack a suitable bag containing your child’s favourite snacks, treats and refreshments.

Please ensure hair is neatly groomed, set, or styled according to the desired result you have in mind.

We also recommend you reassure your child about the photo session and let them know that it is about having loads of fun and laughter and not to fear the camera or the photographer.During the photo session it is common that your child may be shy at first. Don’t worry, it’s our job to help your child relax. We will wait until the timing is right. There is no rush on the day, we will get the look. No pressure!

Pet Photography

Your Pets need to look their best too. Ensure they are properly groomed. A good idea is if you have a regular time that you groom your pets, use that day to book your shoot.

Please consider the following:

  • Bathing
  • Grooming including clipping and brushing
  • Clipping of nails
  • Cleaning of eyes

Bring your Pets favorite treats, especially if your pet is untrained. This will help in getting their attention. Other props or accessories may add to the shoot

Your pets are comfortable with you close by, so your assistance during your pets photo shoot is required.



Underground parking is available at the mall. There is also pay lots outside of the mall, and parking meters on the surrounding streets. Please arrive few minutes early to your shoot, to ensure a parking spot!


family photos