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Maternity Session Styling Tips

♥ Make it Fitted

Don’ be hiding your figure behind baggy clothes! Generally this means buying your normal pregnancy size in maternity labels as the extra belly room has been allowed for. If you buy too big the garment will not fit properly and the excess fabric will not be flattering. Wearing fitted garments emphasis your beautiful belly and minimizes areas you feel self conscious about. Every pregnant women has some area of her body she feels self conscious about whilst pregnant, but too much material and bagginess will actually make them look larger than they are.

♥ Layer upon layer

Make good use of layering to emphasis the good and minimize the, well, bits that are not so good!  Try wearing fitted items underneath and you will hide larger hips and thighs but still look awesome!

♥ Comfortable

Chances are, you’re already feeling a bit awkward and unbalanced with your baby belly. Trying to squeeze into your favorite pregnancy jeans for a photography session, will make you feel even more uncomfortable and also restrict your movement during the session. Items that will stretch and move with you will be fantastic and you will be wonderfully comfortable.  You can also consider a bedroom themed session, because there is nothing more comfortable.

♥ Versatility

Choose versatile pieces – those that can be worn with a different items to change the feel in your session without too much effort.  With a little bit of planning your session outfit/s need not be items bought specifically.  A number of maternity items which are perfect for your session can be worn everyday during your pregnancy and after little one’s arrival.  For example, pregnancy leggings and tank dresses!  They are stylish for shoots, comfortable and wearable whether you are pregnant or not- certainly versatile!

♥ Color is key

As well as thinking about the colors that flatter you, also think about the styling of the images you want. Dark and chic clothes result in dark and chic images.  Light and airy result in a light and airy images! If you wear a lighter color top under a black top you get a flash of color and interest whilst wearing black which is always so nice and flattering!

♥ Texture

Texture in outfit pieces will contrast wonderfully against smooth skin to add beauty and interest to your images. Think soft knits, chunky cable-knit cardigans and delicate scarves.

♥ Accessories !!!

The best way to change it up during your session and to minimize the requirement to buy lots of clothes for your session, is to accessories well. Scarves are great, cotton in Summer or wool in Winter. Or add a casual necklace to any outfit for a unique style in your photos.

♥ Well fitting underwear

Unfortunately your underwear sizes could change a few times during pregnancy, so it is important to update as the pregnancy progresses and particularly for your session. All your clothes will look better over underwear that is fitting properly.

♥ Dare to Bear

Celebrate everything that is beautiful about being a pregnant woman! You’re gorgeous and sexy, so in addition to bearing your belly, think about bearing as much skin as you dare to capture the gorgeous female form during pregnancy.

♥ Treat yourself!

Just in case you needed another reason to pamper yourself during your pregnancy. Manicures, pedicures, pregnancy massage all help you to look and feel your best! If you look after yourself you will have more energy and look your fabulous best in your photos.